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Public Thanks for Great Customer Service

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MrConsumer had two great customer service experiences over the past several weeks, and these companies deserve public praise.  Click the red “xx Responses” button below to tell your own story of great customer service.

Company 1: Aldi

Aldi is a limited assortment supermarket, small in physical size, but big on discounts. Maybe 90% of their items are store brands. They are a worldwide company owned by the same people who own Trader Joes.

Two Aldi stories: 

(1) Aldi sells baklava a few times a year.  That is a heavenly Greek dessert made with flaky pastry, honey and nuts. It is not cheap — $5.99 a package — but MrConsumer decided to splurge.  It was awful, virtually tasteless.  A look at the ingredients revealed why: it was loaded with sugary syrup rather than more expensive honey.  I emailed company headquarters to express my displeasure.  Subsequent to that, I received an email back saying that I would receive a letter to take to my local store for a full refund plus $5.99 of whatever else I wanted in exchange.  And that is not all. I got a phone call from the company that makes the baklava for Aldi, and they offered to send me an upgraded product in replacement.  It turned out to be only marginally better, but it was the thought that counted.

(2) The Aldi near MrConsumer is only a few months old.  While their everyday prices are lower than supermarket prices for comparable items, when they have a closeout or clearance on an item, those deals turn the clock back 25 years price-wise.  For example, last week, they had 6 oz. bags of pecans which are normally three to four dollars these days for only 99 cents (since they were about to expire).  And just today, they had frozen hamburger patties for 66 cents a pound (in a three pound bag for $1.99.)  Crazy prices, right?

The problem with the clearance items is that they are usually not segregated and nothing calls your attention to them.  They are price marked with white index card size signs just like all other items usually.  Most shoppers will overlook these items they are so inconspicuous. I don’t have the patience to scrutinize every display, and rely on my memory of what the price was before, and what it is now. But, I also don’t want to miss out on deals like these.

So I emailed Aldi again to suggest that they use yellow colored signs instead of white or find some other way to make these great deals stand out for shoppers.  I also mentioned that one of the two aisle scanners in the store has not worked since the day the store opened.  To my surprise, I received a call from the district manager (on a Saturday) acknowledging receipt of my suggestions, and she wished to discuss them.  Wow!

Company 2: Vistaprint

Vistaprint is an online printer, best known for offering free or cheap business cards.  Since they were advertising 500 business cards for $10 and free shipping, MrConsumer decided to get some.  After designing the card, a few problems cropped up: in preview mode, the Consumer World logo looked jagged, and I was unable to bold some of the fonts.

I called their 800 number and wound up at a call center somewhere in Jamaica.  The woman I spoke to, who spoke impeccable English, was terrific.  She offered to create a proof of my card for free (instead of the usual $1.99) so I could see if the logo would really come out jagged (it did not).  She also had a creative solution for getting my name to appear bold, when the font I had chosen did not have a bold option. (She double-printed my name, one on top of the other, to create the appearance of a heavier-weighted font.) Sheer brilliance!  And she even gave me a second proof free of charge.

My hat is tipped to these two companies for providing excellent customer service despite their low price orientation.

Tell us your story about good customer service below in the comments (or read others’). [Ignore ads which are not placed by CW.]

  1. The Brother company has been an outstanding company to deal with for the past several years. After making the leap to a colored laser all in one, I was fairly delighted with the machine (save for its apparent inability to duplex heavier paper). When I had a problem with the toner cartridges leaking, the company not only replaced all of the toner cartridges, but sent a repairman out to clean the machine and make sure all was in working order – at no cost to me. About a year later, the toner cartridges began to leak again, and once again, the company sent me a full box of toner cartridges. Given the age of the machine, and a fabulous deal I could get at Staples, I decided to just upgrade to a new machine. I called Brother to see if they would exchange the cartridges they sent me and send me all new cartridges for the new machine. They agreed – the exchange was made, Brother provided shipping labels, and it was all at no cost to me.

    In an age where you can hardly get customer service to do much more than read from a pre-determined set of advice, Brother has gone above and beyond, their customer service is A-one, and even for people like me, who do not have an international consumer advice newsletter – which, incidentally, is another outstanding service I subscribe to!

  2. Many of the kitchen temperature probe/digital timers, despite the brand name on the package (Sunbeam, Taylor, Oneida, etc.), are actually made by Robinson Home Products, a Buffalo, NY-based company. I had used one of these useful devices for many, many years, and when it finally conked out, I gladly paid $20 or so to replace it. The new unit, however, gave up the ghost in just a month or two.

    When I wrote Robinson asking for a replacement, they promptly sent not one, but two units, noting that both my newer unit and the old one were covered by their Lifetime Warrantee.

    Perhaps I should have expected this sort of response from this company, as some years earlier I had complained about a change in the cord for the probe which, in my opinion, had made it less durable, resulting in its being cut by my oven door. The company not only sent a new probe (I didn’t ask for it as my carelessness was involved), but they also sent me a letter explaining that they had changed the cord in response to consumer complaints about the metal version getting uncomfortably hot in the oven.

    I have given at least a half dozen of these probes as gifts to cooking friends and relatives, mostly because I think it is a very useful item, but also because I’ve been impressed by the company’s customer service in contrast to that I have experienced from far more famous makers of kitchen appliances.

  3. I spent a great deal of time to research which winter coat to buy. I wanted a really good one to withstand Old Man Winter here in Boston. I picked out one from LL Bean. When the coat arrived I was very pleased with my choice.

    The next day I got on the bus to work. It was packed to the gills full of commuters. I squeezed through and in the process tore the sleeve at the shoulder. I was horrified that my new coat was already ripped.

    I emailed LL Bean and they responded immediately. They sent me a brand new coat and I sent them back the other one. They paid for shipping both ways and made the process very easy. I’m a LL Bean fan for life!:-)

    • In many dealings with LL Bean, I have to say they have the BEST Customer Service anywhere!!!

    • I have become a new customer of LLBean. I love their website. Their service is beyond belief. They offer free shipping. I ordered slacks and when they arrived they were too small. I called and they told me to pack them up and reorder them in the right size. When the delivery for the new slacks came, I just handed him my return and that was that. I have never had an on line website treat me as they did. I will continue to buy again and again, The quality of the merchandise was excellent.

    • i love ll bean too.
      if you tore the coat, why would you ask them to replace it?

      • The coat tear was not the fault of the store, by what you stated. It is great that LL Bean will replace their product when ANY THING happens to them. This reminds me of the old Zippo Lighter policy.

  4. My husband and I went shopping for Toaster Oven Bakeware. I can’t tell you how hard it was to find!
    Anyway, upon entering Macy’s at the Silverdale Mall, there was a young gentleman greeting incoming customers.
    My husband and I thought, instead of wondering around looking ourselves, we asked.
    The young man was so very helpful. Taking us to the kitchen department and trying to find what we wanted. He couldn’t find the toaster oven bakeware, so he went to ask.
    We have never had customer service like that, we usually have difficultly finding help.
    Macy’s did not carry it, but we found bakeware at Fred Meyer’s.

    We were so pleased with Macy’s that we will be sure to shop there more often.

  5. Can’t beat Enterprise Car Rental in Berkeley, CA. Fast, courteous and efficient. Never had a problem. Of course, I don’t cause problems and follow the rules. Way to go Nate!

  6. I received outstanding customer service from KitchenAid. I purchased a Stand Mixer in December of 2010 from Sears. In July 2011, a small knob fell off of the mixer and into the mixing bowl while I was mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The knob was broken into two pieces by the impact of the mixing paddle. I mailed the knob to KitchenAid requesting a replacement. Someone from their customer service dept called. She said that I needed to return the Stand Mixer to KitchenAid via the mail so that they could complete the repairs. I told her that my daughter was getting married and I needed the mixer to prepare 250 cookies for the wedding reception. I told her that I would return it after the wedding. Two days later I received a brand new mixer in the mail and they had me put the old mixer in the box and return it!

    • Alas, our experience with apparently the same problem elicited a less satisfying response from KitchenAid. When our speed knob cracked and fell off within a year or so of purchase, we wrote KitchenAid for a replacement. No reply. After a second letter, we were told by customer service that the knob could not be replaced and that there was nothing further that KitchenAid could do. We bought the KitchenAid stand mixer, a premium-priced product, because my mother had one that lasted virtually all her married life. This was not the sort of response we had expected.

  7. I recently bought some items from The Vermont Country Store. Among the items was a one-pound block of extra sharp cheese. When I took the protective cover off I found that there was some mold in one section, so I wrote them to let them know of the problem. I received an answer to my e-mail within an hour thanking me for alerting them to the problem. In addition they said they were sending a replacement for the cheese. I appreciate the quick response and the new block of cheeswe.

  8. My wife and I are re-doing our kitchen and wanted an accent light for over our sink. We found the perfect hanging light in the Boca Raton outlet of Light Bulbs Unlimited’s expansive showroom and they ordered it for us. When we came in to pick it up, there was a problem with what they ordered. However, to make things right, they gave us a 40% discount off the product’s price and dropped the shipping charges. They also spent over half an hour fixing the issue while we waited. They truly put the customer first.

    The lighting fixtures at LBU can be rather expensive, and we were a bit put off by the confusion over our order, but they won us over with their excellent customer care and we will definitely go back to them for future lighting needs.

  9. Bob Evans, a midwest restaurant chain, always has good prices, good food and outstanding service. They are always clean, the service is prompt and the restaurants are conveniently located. Best of all, they leave the check with the food so you don’t have to sit and wait for the bill. If you decide to add dessert, they simply reprint a new bill. They are particularly kid-friendly with booster seats, high chairs, crayons, coloring placemats and a kids’ menu.


    • LLBean and Land’s End both are great that way. I recently got a call from Land’s End even after I thought their customer service dept settled an issue well. This person went even beyond the prior call and sent replacements to me w/out charging my card a second time.
      Zappos is another great customer service company as is my local eye glass store – General Optical.
      When I started my family photography business I modeled my own customer service after these two companies. Customer service is an area where I support imitation.
      In that spirit, I echo the praises to Mr CW!

      Great 2012 to all!

  11. LOVE Kohls in Keller Texas. I bought a vacuum May 2010 and last month it died!! What to do?! I called Kohls and they did find where i bought it on my charge card. I was told to bring it to the store for store credit so I could get a new one. WOW!!! THANKS KOHLS FOR STANDING BY WHAT YOU SAY!!! needless to say I got a new vacuum for FREE!!

  12. I love my American Express–this company protects me from all the bad business tactics out there that try to take advantage of me. For instance, I ordered a kitchen cooking basket for spaghetti etc on-line. When I hit the last enter button which normally allows you to “review” your purchase before your final commitment, this company doubled my order and wouldn’t allow any correction. I called the company right away and was given a big run around claiming that my order hadn’t come through to their main computer yet so they couldn’t correct it–asked me to call back 2 days later. When I checked my AMX statement on-line the next day, of course this company had put through the double charge already! I wrote on-line to AMX and they dealt with the company. End result–I got 2 baskets for free. I wanted to return them but the company never would give me a return number. Thanks AMX!
    I did send an email to the basket company’s customer service explaining my experience and that I felt they were duplicating orders purposely hoping no one would catch it or try to return it–just say oh heck and keep the order and pay for it. Never got a response. What a surprise-yeah sure.

  13. Our 25th Wedding Anniversary was coming up and my brother and his wife were flying in from California to help us celebrate. My brother suggested to pick a real nice restaurant and he graciously offered to pick-up the tab. I decided on Seasons 52 since I heard good comments and none of us had been there before. I made the reservation for four using Open Table and it gave me the option to indicate any special occasion. I entered our wedding anniversary and my brother/wife flying in.

    Upon arrival, we were greeted as Mr & Mrs and the waiter asked my brother if they had a good flight. Surprised? Yes we were. Waiting at our table was a card wishing us a Happy Anniversary. Then the manager comes over to our table holding a digital camera and says he has a new toy and would like to try it out. He took a group shot of us and shortly thereafter gave my brother and myself our own photo, because he also knew my brother wasn’t local. The service was 5-star, the food was 5-star and very reasonably priced. This was the best dining experience we ever experienced, and we’ve been to some very fancy places.

  14. Last year on Christmas, Costco makes this incredible Tiramisu cake. They said that the day they bake the cakes they are gone. I knew I would not be able to make it their until a Friday night. I left a written message with the Costco bakery dept. and begged them to hold a cake for me. I come on that Friday and they said nope their are no more Tiramisu’s they are sorry, I was so sad. Then a gentleman who was working outside of the bakery said, I heard you were looking for a Tiramisu and asked us to hold you one, I said yes, but they checked and said they didn’t have anything. The guy came out and said he put it away in a special place cause he got my written note that I needed one for the holiday. That guy made my day, I tried to tip him and he said he couldn’t accept that he would get in trouble for it. I notified management how great they were and I notified Costco corporate. This was true customer service.

  15. I have to give 5*’s to Verizon Wireless. My husband was laid off for over 2 years and his unemployment had run out 7 months before he found a job. With not land line we depended on our cell phones a lot but money crunch made it hard to pay our bills on time all of the time. Any time I was late, someitmes 2 months, I would call and talk to customer service, they would let me make 2 payments, and extend my time and never once did they cut off my phone. Every customer service rep was always so nice and helpful. Cudos to Verizon in this day of noncustomer customer service.

  16. I had to call Comcast (Xfinity) in Houston this am to find out if there was a better deal for my family usage since my contract on a special deal expired. I also had to check with billing on an erroneous charge on my bill. NORMA, in sales was exceptional at helping me to understand what was available to me now and removing the erroneous charge on my bill. She handled the billing issue without transferring me to someone else to start over with. She was very pleasant to speak with and sounded very educated with her responses. Nothing worse than a representative putting you on hold to ask around for an answer to your question. Norma did not ask me to hold at all and handled every question I had with great results. Customer service was great and she deserves KUDOS!!!! Thanks Xfinity and Norma for raising the bar!

  17. FoodSaver has the best Customer Service I’ve experienced in a very long time. I had purchased a unit recently, and I called them today due to a problem. They immediately told me that they were sending me a new one at no charge and just asked that I throw the one I had in the trash. I didn’t have to ship it back or bother with it in any way. I checked my account with them online, and sure enough they show the order for the new one at no cost to me being shipped.
    Thank you FoodSaver. At this time of year it is great to be treated with respect by a company for a change.

  18. I had a meeting in New York City and went for the weekend prior. I stayed in the Hilton hotel where my meeting would be (1335 SIXTH AVENUE) and attempted to get the meeting rate. No luck. After I returned I got a survey and I commented that although I’d been told it was possible by our meeting planner, the hotel had not honored it. I got an email informing me that they WOULD honor it and changing my bill. Think I’ll stay at a Hilton again? You bet!

  19. I go to AC Moore Craft’s store a lot. I had a picture framed in the Framingham store and was wowed by one of the framers. He spent a long time with me choosing the frame to go with my picture and they have a machine so you visualize the frame with your picture.

    After a lengthy time I found that if you art is worth more than 250 dollars, they can’t send it out. The framer said don’t worry-order the frame and bring your artwork back, and I will put it all together in the back room.

    I was thrilled with the outcome. They do a wonderful job with factory frames. I have had many pieces framed with them and trust their judgement on choices and colors. They are true professionals.

  20. I recently filled a 7-day prescription at the Stop & Shop pharmacy in Somerville for some antibiotics. A couple of days later, when I saw the doctor in person, he asked whether he had made the prescription out for one week or two. I said “one”.

    He then wrote a second prescription out, saying that he should have made the first one for two weeks.

    Of course, I was a little disturbed, because now I would have to pay another $9.99 for the second prescription which I would not have had to pay if the original had been for two weeks to start with. (And stores in our area are not doing the free antibiotic prescriptions this year.)

    I explained the situation to the S&S pharmacist, Jennifer, who was most understanding. After calling the doctor to confirm the change, she modified my original prescription, dispensed the additional pills, and didn’t charge me a penny!

    That’s great customer service.

  21. My Canon PIXMA printer would not print after I installed a new cartridge. I emailed Canon and even though it was Sunday I received a prompt reply with a couple of things I could try and fix the problem. I did as they suggested and replied back that the printer still would not print. They said that the cartridge was probably defective and that they had processed an order to send me a replacement cartridge. I was very impressed with the prompt, polite, and helpful service I received from the Canon representive. Thank you Canon.

  22. I recommend and thank llBean for their wonderful service and friendly people. I purchased items that were too small. Free shipping and on returns, I called and the agent re ordered the items for me. I just had to give back the original purchases to the mail man when he delivered the new ones. One, two, three and I was happy and satisfied. Don’t hesitate to buy from this company. They are great and the quality is excellent.

  23. Over the years, I have bought many audio books from Occasionally, there have been problems with downloads and other issues involving technical difficulties. Whether I contacted the company by email or telephone, I have always gotten the BEST and most intelligent service ever, and always in a very timely manner. I just wish that all the companies I deal with took the same approach, and it’s sad that many don’t (AT&T,my old internet provider, comes to mind). What a difference it makes when you feel that a company truly values you as a customer, and goes the distance in order to solve your problem. Thank you,…you are true professionals and your dedication is much appreciated!

  24. Four brands stand out for great customer service this year: Avis, Canon, Calphalon and Apple. Avis has historically provided some of the best care a car rental can offer. One time on a trip to Ohio our Avis car was broken into and a window smashed. Avis came to our hotel with a new car, no questions asked, and all I had to do was sign for it. No problems, no issues. Since then, we exclusively rent from Avis and the service has never faltered. Canon replaced a camera for me that had not been working properly- the newer model they sent takes stellar pictures. Calphalon replaced, according to their lifetime warranty, not one—but three— pans of theirs with brand new ones. No questions asked. Apple, as always, is a prime example of great customer service: After a problematic repair to my Mac this year, they made amends above and beyond. All of these brands deserve kudos, and our constant business.

  25. I had the most awesome experience with Verizon Wireless store in Pontiac Illinois. I was previously using AT&T and had poor reception/ dropped calls. When I went to the Verizon store they were very professional and polite and not aggressive in pushing me into buying. I asked questions and got honest answers and when I called back to ask more questions I again got honest answers. Needless to say I signed up after deliberating and asking other consumers in my area about the service and quality of the Verizon phones. Thank you Verizon, you are great.

  26. Kohl’s has one of the best, no hassle, return policies. I have had two returns there in the past few months and never had an issue.

  27. The Sirrius XM satellite radio representative suggestion is saving me money. I found out I can put one of my accounts on SUSPENSION!

  28. In a world where way too many people and organizations are trying to reach into my pocket and take monies that they don’t deserve, I do have a true friend who is trying to protect me. MrConsumer and Consumer is there, constantly trying to give me information and tips on how I can protect myself from these less than ethical people and practices. Thank you MrConsumer and Consumer World for a job well done.

  29. We were towed to IRA Nissan, Woburn Ma after running over a tire in the middle of the road. Mr Walsh and staff could not have been more helpful even though it was late in the day and he was going on vacation. They checked the car out and gave great advice. For one not use to polite or helpful folks, maybe next time I buy a car I will certainly look them up.

    Thanks so much

  30. If you get the “right” person at US Cellular……that person will do right.
    Installed Free Google Voice (which is NOT but I won’t explain as this is a “no whining zone”:)
    I called one night asking WHAT number was using all of my minutes which is when I was told I needed to go to a STORE to find out.
    (VERY mysterious as to WHY that should be such a SECRET. (?)
    K…nuff whining b cause……..,
    I called 2 nights later and explained the exact same scenario but obviously, a different person.
    She was VERY empathetic and gave me an extra 500 minutes 4 the rest of the month to cover the ones used by Google Voice and to get me thru 2 Feb.
    Thank you “unknown lady’s name!!”
    Not often is the customer right anymore…..or in my case….NEVER until now! :)

  31. For over a decade….I have used as my online shopping website. Their products are outstanding and their Customer Service is EXCELLENT………..
    I rated them an A+++++.

  32. Complaints about rebate problems abound! Well, I dunno, maybe my brief story is a one-in-a-million. But the way my rebate problem was handled, I’m thinking this is the norm for the rebate company, Parago. I did a Bed, Bath & Beyond rebate which allowed for (2) rebates for buying two of the same rebate-eligible items. I followed the rebate instructions explicitly, and submitted my materials in one envelope, as requested in the rebate terms. Only received (1) rebate. So I did the on-line chat as mentioned on the rebate form. They immediately admitted their error, explained what happened, and immediately sent a new e-mail acknowledgement and tracking number for the additional rebate item. They must keep excellent rebate records, I’m thinking. Way to go, Parago! I think these are the guys you frequently mail off to El Paso, TX.

  33. Delta gave us great service on a recent trip from Chile to Atlanta. We first flew from Punta Arenas, Chile to Santiago on a different airline. We arrived in Santiago with just 60 minutes to spare to catch our international flight on Delta. Normally, that’s not enough time. We had to retrieve our bags, get to the International terminal, get boarding passes, re-check our bags, get through immigration, go through security, then get to our gate.

    We had tagged our luggage to our final destination, but all international luggage had to be taken off the first flight and re-checked onto the Delta flight. We decided we did not have enough time to do that, so we just left our luggage (which had not come out yet) at baggage claim and went straight to the Delta ticket counter in the International terminal. There, we explained the situation. One of the Delta agents printed new baggage claim tickets and went off to retrieve our luggage for us! By the time we got through all the checkpoints and onto the plane, that agent was there and handed us our claim stubs. He had found our bags (all 6), re-checked them, and delivered the news directly to us. When we arrived at our final destination, so did our bags!

    That’s great service from a very unexpected source — an airline.

  34. Publix Supermarkets have the most pleasant and helpful employees. They go out of their way to assist in whatever their customers need, I rate them the best for customer satisfaction, courteousness and helpfulness.

  35. In October 2011, as I was preparing for a trip to the USA, I discovered that my seven year old American Tourister (AT) luggage had some severe problems. When I checked to find out where to get help, I discovered that AT is part of Samsonite. Since I lived close to the Freeport designer outlet centre in Braintree, Essex, UK, I thought I would see what they could do. The manager there, Estelle O’Keeffe, examined my luggage and determined that it needed to go to a repair centre. I was to fly in less than a week, which would not given enough time for a repair and return, so Estelle offered me a piece of Samsonite luggage to use for my trip. I was stunned that such an offer would be made, because I am accustomed to the “not my problem, mate” attitude usually associated with customer relations in many retail places. It gets better! While I was in the States, I received an email from Estelle saying that the repair centre had made the decision that my luggage was indeed faulty and not economical to repair. Estelle went on to say that I was welcome to keep the Samsonite luggage which had been loaned to me, and hoped I enjoyed my trip. What a wonderful way to treat customers! Samsonite has made a friend for life in me, and I keep telling my friends about this experience in hopes that they, too, can enjoy superb after sales support as I have, should this ever be needed. I would like to commend Estelle for her outstanding service and hope that she can receive appropriate recognition for being such a brilliant customer-oriented person and truly positive representative of Samsonite Corporation. If only there were more like her, retail would experience a real boost in satisfaction and confidence amongst the shoppers. Well done, Estelle!

  36. Amazon without a doubt alwalys gives super service.

  37. I puchased a Sharper Image humidifier at Bed Bath and Beyond on Dec 19th ; it worked fine for two weeks but then failed to mist and leaked from the bottom .
    i returned to the store with the defective machine and the service manager, without hesitation, asked what I wanted .I told him a replacement would be fine; he directed me to the shelves with the machines, told me to get one, and apologized for the inconvience . no questions asked, no signing of claim forms, just a simple exchangre of merchandise.

  38. For Xmas 2011, we purchased the Microsoft Xbox Kinect system for our two children. The unit was promised to come with three free games, two of which needed to be downloaded. When we went to download the games, we experienced problems. Since Microsoft provided a toll free phone number for support, we decided to give them a call even though it was on Xmas Day. To our pleasant surprise, not only was their support department open, they called us back within 20 minutes of our initial phone call (which was in itself a great option) and quickly and professionally took care of our problem, ON XMAS DAY!! What a great service and what a nice way to fix a problem with a Xmas present. Too often Microsoft gets criticism for being a corporate giant without sensitivity to their customers. This is a case in which just the opposite is true. They were there when we needed them at an unusual time. Thank you!

  39. AMAZON.COM– Last Summer the post office at zipcode 549_ _ returned two purchases I made on Amazon before it even had a chance to pick them up. I emailed Amazon and explained that the returned packages was not my intent and that I wanted the purchases. AMAZON customer service send me the exact two orders with expedited delivery (UPS this time) AT NO COST TO ME. Eventually the original packages did show back up via the USPS (I can’t explain that) and I paid postage back to Amazon.Com. To my surprise AND without asking, AMAZON.COM credited me the cost of the return postage.

  40. Anderson windows has provided wonderful customer service. We have a house on the outer banks in North Carolina and the sliders had delaminated due to the extreme weather conditions. The windows were about 6 months past warranty but I contacted the company anyway and they gave me a generous allowance on replacing the damaged doors. Unfortunately my home windows aren’t Anderson and Marvin is not nearly as service oriented. QVC has also done exceptionally well by me. I bought a very large TV with the intention of hanging it on a wall. I had it shipped to North Carolina where it sat for several months until we could get down there. When the installer came he took one look at the TV and said it couldn’t be hung. I called QVC and eventually reached someone at the corporate headquarters who could help. I explained my problem and they allowed me to return the TV even though it was past the 30 day return window and did not charge for return shipping. Now QVC is one of the first retailers I check when I need something.

  41. Have had very response with Costo esp if a return has to be made with no questions ask and then my tv which was new purchase about a week or so , with out any hestation Costco delived a new set to me at once. Do not buy Tv or major computer stuff from
    BJ’s as firend did TV went on blink they required 3 service repairs to long wait and
    stressfull situation to replace it. Lesson well learned Stay with my COSTCOI.

    Made Contact with Ray on Vac about rechargeable batteries for hearing aid batties as mine die fast and in important meeting this is something we do nto need.
    Ray o vac came to my resuc eand will promptly send out new ones which last longer an require some care for proper use. Hats off to Ray o Vac for listening to me.

    Lands End and LL Bean are also two great places to deal with no problems

    Have a great day
    January 30, 2012

  42. We have had great experiences with My House Dr. It is a handyman service which can fix or replace anything. Better yet they have saved me money by repairing items which other companies told me I had to replace. Another nice thing is they clean up after themselves and haul away all the boxes and trash. So if you live in the Pheonix area give them a call or email. You can find them at

    • The same is true for me. They built a dog run for me. I am a widow living on a small social security check and the dog run they built for Tiny cost less than half of all the other quotes. I have since used them for electrical and plumbing repairs. They are prompt and gave me a not to exceed estimate. I have to use a walker and you have no idea how much I appreciate their clean up policy. The house was cleaner when they left than when they arrived.

  43. Opps, my comment was about how pleased I am with My House Dr in Apache Junction Az. I forgot to add their name to my comment. Yes every thing they say about them is true. Good people who treat you right.

  44. My husband nd I were shopping at Lowes recently with the idea we wanted to do a backsplash in our kitchen. We had no idea what we wanted and a sales specialist was so helpful in no time he was asking about the color of our counter tops and cabinets and floors, he went and got samples of each and in no time he had three suggestions then narrowed them down to two his ideas were good and exactly what I wanted, he also helped with ideas on the best way to install. It is up and everything looks great.

  45. Just quick thanks to my local Publix for such excellent customer service. The stockers all say hello and ask if they can help, the cashiers are friendly, and when I questioned whether an item may or may not have been on sale, they still refunded my money though there was not proof that it had been. A classy operation with some great people working there (West Boca Raton off of Glades and 441).

  46. I have been shopping at Aldi for over 20 years, starting in Germany. I have never found an item I felt was below par and their customer service is A+. They deserve several gold stars.

    Brother has been my printer of choice for many years now. They make an exceptional product and the quality of the print is not to be exceeded.

    Publix has been my grocer since 1956 and I have found their customer service to be above reproach. Thank you Publix for providing me with such a great store.

    I even have to give many stars to Big Lots. Their merchandise has always been very good and their customer service is wonderful. Thank you Big Lots for providing me with cheaper prices on most items and 20% off to boot!

  47. I had a book to sell. When I entered the ISBN number on it came up with the wrong title. I went to and entered the ISBN number and the correct title came up, so I decided to sell it there. I went through the process of setting up an account and entered information for a credit card, thinking that was how they would pay me. I was surprised to find that they took money out of my account. I wrote them and explained what happened and I got the nicest e-mails from them. They deleted my account and refunded my money. They were nice and very responsive. If I ever need to sell a large quantity of books I would reopen that account and sell them there.

  48. Consumer World has had a great experience using to power its online surveys. I have never seen such amazing technical support in my life.

    When trying to create a report of the survey results, the report was missing some key statistics. I emailed SurveyGizmo’s help desk, and not only did they create the report for me, they created an online video to show me how to do it!

    When speaking to their sales department and signing up for the service, I mentioned that their lowest price plan which I was signing up for was missing a particular feature that I wanted. The gentleman said “oh, I can add that to your account.” Huh, they’ll throw in a higher priced feature free. Yep.

    And when I needed additional technical help in creating another report, it turns out that I needed another feature not included in my package to do that type of tabulation. The tech person merely added that to my account, took a screenshot of how to utilize that feature, and went ahead and created the report for me.

    Wow, wow, wow.

  49. For the first time,( because of a much earlier suggestion from me), my husband bought me a dozen roses from the ProFlowers dot com site. I had heard good comments about these flowers, however when mine came (at 5:00 pm after an entire day of having to stay home waiting so the flowers wouldn’t be simply left outside in below freezing temps), one rose had a completely broken stem. After just one day several were drooping. They have a 7 day guarantee (today is day 6 and they are ALL dead or just droopy). I wrote an email to ProFlowers on day 2. They promptly wrote back apologizing and offered me either a replacement of the order, or a refund. We took the refund. Within 24 hrs that amount (including the high delivery charges) showed up in our credit card account. While I cannot (based on this experience) recommend the company for flower quality or delivery, I can without hesitation recommend and compliment their great customer service. I was impressed!

  50. Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry of Amherst, NH is an outstanding Dentistry. As an ongoing patient, I highly recommend this dentist (s). If you fear or have any reservation having dental work of any kind, this is the dentist (s) to see. I can’t say enough about the care, concern and the impeccable work by the dentist. AND, pain free.
    Lorraine Howarth
    Nashua, NH

  51. I want to give a big 2 thumbs to the Holland Bar Stool Company, Holland, MI. I purchased 3 of their bar stools over 10 years ago. They have held up very, very well, but I recently noticed that the insertable feet were starting to wear a bit (or so I thought). It appreared they were worn on the front and back edges because the bottoms were no longer flat. I sent them an email and received a phone call back from the vice president the next day. He only wanted to know 2 things; what model chair I has bought and when I bought them. I thought, here we go, he’s going to tell me they were too old and I was out of luck, but I was pleasently surprised! He said he’d replace all 12 of the feet, even though I said I only needed 4 of them. We spoke around 10:00 A.M. on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning, FedEx showed up at my door with my package. He not only overnighted them to me, there was no charges at all! I was totally impressed. But, imagine my embarressement when I realized that the old feet were not worn out. The rounding on the edges of the feet were as designed. The reason I thought they were worn was because when sliding the one of the chairs, it seemed to make a lot of noise. that’s when I put two and two together, we had installed tile flooring under the area where one of the chairs was used. When I compared the old with with the new, they were exactly the same! Not only does Holland Bar Stools produce a high-quality product, they stand behind it.

  52. I was shopping around for a good, honest, reasonable, accountant to prepare my tax returns this year. My previous accountant acted like he got my business for life & always put me on the back burner & not responsive to my phone calls, emails & messages. I found a wonderful small CPA firm on Liberty Ave., in Richmond Hill, Queens. The owners Sattie Ramsaywack & Vishol Dabidat are CPAs who took the time to explain the best legal way to prepare my tax returns. The office had a warm welcoming atmosphere. I had another question after I went home and called their office. They were accommodating & professional. They E-filed my return & my refund was directly deposited in my bank account. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  53. You may be surprised that I am giving high marks to an airline. I made a reservation on American Airlines website for a family trip. Several days later I found that the reservation had been cancelled because I had mistakenly not completed the process. The price of the tickets had gone up several hundred dollars in the meantime since the flight was almost sold out. I called American and explained what happened. They were very understanding and rebooked my reservation at the original price and made the whole process easy for me.

  54. Last week I received a notebook computer I ordered from Amazon. The day it came, I proceeded to set it up and before I could even finish putting in the required information for the set up, I started getting error messages and the blue screen of death. As you can imagine , I was more then a little upset. First I called the manufacturer, ASUS, and their solution was for me to send the computer to them to be repaired. Can you imagine sending a brand new, never-used computer back to have it repaired? Then, I did what I should have done at the start. I called Amazon.
    As usual, Amazon’s customer service was awesome! The woman I spoke with was sympathetic to my plight and said Amazon would send me a new computer to be delivered with one day service at no charge to me. The very next day, sure as the sun rises, the UPS man arrived with my new computer. Amazon provided a free shipping label for me to return the original computer to them via UPS.
    Just yesterday, I discovered that this new computer’s AC adapter had a small split in the wire that leads from the adapter to the computer and the inner wire was exposed. Fearing that this could eventually get worse and lead to a short or some other major problem, I called Amazon again. They refunded $20 to my account so I could order another adapter from them as the computer manufacturer said I needed to return the part and it would take four to six weeks to get it back. I would have been without the use of the computer for that extended length of time had Amazon not come to my rescue again. I LOVE AMAZON and have always had nothing short of outstanding customer service from them. If every company modeled their customer service policy on Amazon’s, consumers would be spared so much grief, time and stress. Thank you Amazon!

  55. Both times that I have talked to customer service people at Alli Bank, they have been notably pleasant and helpful.

  56. I recently bought a few urls from, and since I was going to build a little web site thought I was purchasing web hosting services that included some free web building templates. A few days later a rep at GoDaddy actually called me to ask me how he could help me get the service that I purchased going. First of all, what companies do that? You buy a service, they don’t care whether or not you actually use it. Secondly, during that call I learned that I bought the wrong service, and the rep quickly and easily credited me back my money, got me set up with the right service, and encouraged me to call back for ANY help I might need. I was very, very impressed!

  57. HP, has been a great company for me. Most all my computer stuff is HP. Once my desktop computer got the purple screen of death( not the blue). Called customer service, when through the procedure, They told me that they would ship me an over night prepaid carton, to ship the computer to them. Which they did. I shipped it to them and received it back in 2 days. Completely fixed at no charge to me. Have had great costumer with them every time. HP will stay my favorite brand in computer products.

  58. Back in February, we (my daughter and son and I) had less than stellar service at a Cheddar’s location in Dallas TEXAS. We waited over and hour to even be acknowledged and then another half hour for food to arrive after ordering.
    I sent a message to the company via their web site and received a personal phone call and follow-up letter of apology from the manager who happened to not be in the restaurant that day.
    Kudos to Cheddar’s!

  59. I recieved a Kuerig Soecial edition Coffee maker for Christmas. I had a problem with the unit and i called customer service, explained the problem. He said it could be a computer Problem, gave me a work order number and said if it happens again to call Kuerig back.

    The problem did not go away, so I called Kuerig customer service again gave them My name,they had the work order number on file and were aware of the problem. They said they would send out a replacement unit and within 7 to 10 days i recieved the new unit.

    All i had to do was send them a small part back(at my expense), I’m not complaing mind you, just saying what i had to do.

    I called to thank them and said this unit was a little different then the Model i had. They said it was and up graded unit and to enjoy.


  60. I can agree with a number of the compliments above to Publix supermarket, Lands’ End, and L.L. Bean. I also want to give “top marks” to Christopher King, creator of an app called KwikTASK (and some other similar apps). Yes, I paid for it, but not much, and Mr. King has given phenomenal customer service! (I think I bought the app about a year ago.) Not only does he have a user manual for the app available in PDF format, but he welcomes inquiries and comments. AND he acts on the comments when someone, myself included, suggests an improvement. I have seen some good customer service in my time (and I try to provide it myself to my clients), but Christopher King has got to be the King of customer service! (Sorry, but pun intended.)

  61. For years I avoided buying a high-end Weber grill, thinking they were just overpriced. But 3 years ago I bought a Genesis. Since then, i’ve had several occasions to call Customer Service–and they are GREAT! Polite, knowledgeable, and very helpful every time. I will always buy Weber from now on.

  62. Just want to publicly thank TEMECULA 24 HOUR URGENT CARE for their compassionet care. I went to them feeling very sick and was informed they did not take my form of insurance. They offered to treat me anyway
    even though i did not have the money to pay at that time. I was given excellent care by the Doctor on duty. I certainly recommend them and their care.

  63. This is not a comment, I could not find the red button to add a good cutomer service.

    My best experience is Amazon. The call back is almost instantaneous, and the individual customer service representatative is authorized to approve legitimate concerns on the spot. Another excellent service at Amazon’s is the ease of returns and refunds all done online. And the customer is updated via email when the returned item was received and when to expect a refund and when the refund is processed. If one has prime service return postage is prepaid and shipping is free with prime enrolment and the order arrives in two business days. Prime is a paid service per year but one cuould recover this fee in just a few orders. Prime also has free streaming movies etc.

  64. My list of kudos for great service includes local (Bainbrdge Island) Virginia Mason Clinic, Great Northern Electric and Safeway. Add national Costco, Nordstrom, Delta Airlines and Amazon. After a meeting in LV I would include the sometimes maligned Flamingo Hotel for their good service and excellent accomodation.

  65. was amazing when I had a problem. I ordered a package of 24 k-cup coffee pods. but when they arrived, one had not been sealed properly, allowing the contents to spill in the box, and then on my floor and counter when I opened it. I called Amazon (after an initial problem accessing the “Contact Us” link), the rep who helped me apologized profusely. I did not demand anything in recompense (after all, it was just one of the 24 that was defective), but she offered to replace the entire box, free of charge and sent it out “Priority”, so that I received it in only 2 days! I was floored that the phone rep had the discretion to be able to offer a solution without having to involve a supervisor, which allowed the phone call to be very short (I HATE waiting on “hold” to speak to a human). Since I tend to be quite impatient, this was really the icing on the cake. Kudos to Amazon!

  66. I agree, L.L.BEAN is fabulous!!! As long as the name is on the product they will repair it, and their quality remains consistently high. FIDELITY INVESTMENTS is always a pleasure to deal with via phone or in person, no client is too “small” and their desire to help no matter the question is professional and thoughtful.

  67. Lowest price doesn’t always equate to value, so whenever I need electronics of any sort, I always turn to Before purchase, they have trained salespeople who really know the products inside out — tell then what you want to spend and they’ll make excellent recommendations. In 20 years as a customer I’ve only had 2 problems, and both were resolved perfectly. Problem one was a premium brand XM receiver which died shortly after I bought it. The Crutchfield rep noted that it was a new product in their line when I bought it and based on their customers’ experience, he’d recommend a free replacement with another (higher priced) unit — tho he offered to do an exact product replacement if I preferred — all with free shipping all around.

    A few years later, I purchased a home theater system, which included free shipping all the way to Hawaii (which in itself is amazing). Upon setup, we realized that one of the speakers had a “buzz”, so we called Crutchfield for advice. Since there could be several causes for the buzz, they shipped us an entire new system and told us to mix and match components until we were satisfied with the sound, and then ship the leftovers back to them on their dime. With all of the back and forth shipping, it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually lost money on the deal, but my satisfaction was their prime concern.

    Finally, if you talk to a sales rep at any point in the transaction, that rep takes responsibility for your purchase, sending you updates on the status of your order and following up to ensure satisfaction.

  68. I had a Keurig machine that wasn’t working properly. I called the company. Without proof of purchase or anything they sent me out a new replacement machine (an upgrade from my original one). They also asked me what my favorite coffee was and sent me 2 24 count boxes for my trouble. All I had to do in return was send back a little plastic part off of my machine – and that was once I received the new machine as my original one still somewhat worked. What a awesome company they are!!!

  69. A tip of the hat goes to Sears. showed some locations which sold refurbished garage door openers. When I went to the one closest to my house, there were no refurbished ones available. The salesperson however sold me a brand new one (from an unopened box) for the same price of a refurbished one. In addition they gave me a discount on the installation. A total savings of over $100.

    Within minutes of leaving the store, the subcontractor called me to set up an appointment for the next afternooon. The installer came on time, even cleaned and lubed the door springs and hinges and gave me instructions on future maintenance to prolong the life of the hardware. The entire transaction was very professional. “You can always count on Sears”.

  70. Vonage has always been eager to help, even when the problem is not a Vonage problem. I was on the phone with them for 8 hours to correct a problem that was ultimately found to be my router. After the problem was corrected, the same company representative, John, called back the following Monday to find out if the problem had definitely disappeared. And it had. I have never had a problem with their service nor their customer service. Hip, Hip, Hooray to Vonage!

    Also I have been using Norton (Symantic) since 1980 and they have always been there to help me with my downloads, redownloads, or repairs to my security system. Thank you so much Symantic for such loyal, dependable and knowledgeable personnel to help me. This is truly an awesome company and I love Norton!

  71. AT&T DSL support is fantastic. I could not connect to the internet with my DSL connection. Technician spent 45 minutes on the phone with me going through all the line, modem and Windows 7 settings until he found out what was wrong. Turned out not to be AT&T’s fault. Something within Windows 7 had changed all by itself. He was very encouraging throughout the whole process, saying, “That’s good”, at each step of the way. Kudos to a company that has taken a bad rap lately. Love my AT&T DSL.

  72. I received a box of “Sharis Berries” chocolate covered strawberries for mothers day which was delivered by way of UPS. What a mess. The strawberries were mushy and the liquid had drained out to the point of soaking the box. Even the Ice pack was defrosted/warm. Seeing this was the second time this happened (also a UPS 3ed time with a plant) I called Sharis Berries and explained to them the problem. They were apologetic and professional. The following Monday I received a new, fresh, box of great chocolate covered strawberries. (again the ice pack was warm, so I wonder what would cause that?) Kudos’s to SHARIS BERRIES

  73. Sears is doing a GREAT job in customer satisfaction. Like a lot of people, I’ve been swayed to going to my local Home Depots and Lowes since they are more plentiful than Sears locations in my area. However when I recently bought a major appliance at a Sears in Orange County, CA, I was truly impressed by their prices, their knowledgeable sales people and their subcontractors. Kudos to a company which has withstood numerous competitors throughout the years.

    Plus my Kenmore electric range, dishwasher and microwave have provided me with consistently good performance since 1992. I have never had a bit of problem with them.

  74. I had such a good experience with parts sales service at PPL Motorhomes Sales & Service in Texas. I was seeking coponents for a tow bar/hitch for towing my Blazer behind my motor home. My Blazer is not the usual type Blazer as it is an off road (ZR2) version, therefore the available tow bar packages do not work with this vehicle. I had web searched for my needs & finally decided to make a telephone call to ask for assisitance from PPL Motorhomes. Dan @ parts sales @ PPL Motorhomes stayed on the telephone until we had figured out the solution. He called me after my order was made to alert me that a part we had included in our plan was out of stock but he had called the hitch company to find an alternate workable part. In all of my numerous on-line shopping experiences I have never before encountered such a helpful parts sales department & associate. TWO THUMBS UP for PPL Motorhomes Sales & Service.

  75. is totally awesome. I received the wrong tray in the right box–called them–they corrected the problem right away and issued a $15 credit to me for my time and effort! Also told me to keep the tray sent in error instead of sending it back

  76. I have been extremely pleased with the customer service from Library of Classics ( I am very bad at using any kind of technology so when I bought the Library of Classics (it’s an MP3 player that comes preloaded with 100 great audio books), I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Their customer service rep took the time to walk me through exactly how to use it (it turns it it’s pretty easy) and followed up with an email. I was really surprised when she called about a week later to make sure I was able to use it and to see if I had any questions. They really went above and beyond. Plus, they have a lifetime refund policy–something you don’t see very often anymore.

  77. I have a SpiceStacker for my spices – one of the drawers broke, and the company – YouCopia – sent me a new drawer via Fedex with a very nice note. So I have a great product (it’s a great way to store spices, so much better than a drawer) and they have awesome customer service!

  78. Great service and kudos For Luther Nissan Car service in IGH,Mn

  79. Have you considered adding several social bookmarking buttons to these sites. At least for bebo.

  80. My story is about bad service at a Green Mill restaurant that was taken care of by a very good manager. For some reason, our order for our group of 8 took an hour to arrive at our table AFTER our appetizers. Tables around us filled up and emptied out during that time. Thank goodness we ordered apps so the kids got something to hold them over. Anyway, my wife talked to the manager and explained the situation. After a few minutes he came over to our table and apologized to everyone and comped the entire bill. To my wife, getting a free meal wasn’t really necessary. But, getting an apology was really what she was after. Too many times, when there is a problem such as this, the manager does nothing more than make up excuses. This guy now has us eating there on regular basis. And, we have not had a single problem since.

  81. WOW! I FINALLY found a company with EXCELLENT, EXPEDIENT and UNWAVERING customer service! The company is FLEXI. They make those retractable dog leashes. They also make a saddle bag that fits on the leash to hold poop bags on one side and doggy treats on the other. I have been buying these saddle bags for years. Lately, they don’t seem to be holding up very well. The stitching on the zipper part pulls apart from the main part of the bag no matter how careful I am.

    A few minutes ago I decided to drop them an e-mail to express my concern that the newer bags do not seem to be as reliable as former ones. Within MINUTES of sending that e-mail, I got this reponse:

    “Thank you for your web inquiry.

    We are sorry you are having trouble with our saddle bags.

    We have placed one in the mail for you and we will forward your
    information along to our President & VP of Sales.”

    Anyone ever have customer service like that? Thank you FLEXI!

  82. Ames-Walker really impressed me this week. I placed an order for compression socks for my dad on Saturday. I received the online receipt, and noted the price charged. I checked my bank account balance this morning, and the “final” amount charged was 20% less than what I expected it to be…

    Ames-Walker began a 20% off sale after I placed the order. They applied the 20% discount to my order with my asking for, or contacting them to ask for the discount. They’ve earned a customer for life…

  83. Huge thanks to all the staff at the Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester, Mass. on their record-setting attendance on July 13, 2012. Especial notice of the teen volunteers in their yellow teeshirts, who remained at their posts, were courteous and conscientious to all the people going in and out of the buildings, directing people. And all the part- and full-time zoo employees and interns. We visited from 11am-3pm and although there were enormous groups of families and school groups, the staff kept up with them all. We will donate some $ to the ZooNewEngland this year as it could have been a very bad experience and instead it was delightful.

    Also thanks to the Highland Street Foundation for sponsoring these programs!

  84. I would like to publicly thank Thompson Monuments, Inc. of 1702 Superior Street, Webster City, IA 50595 for their extra-ordinary customer service I experienced recently when I made a wrong order. Thompson is a monument company that has not only cemetery lights and holders, but all forms of memorial items, vases, urns, and even items to honor your animal friends who have passed on.

    In December of 2011 my boyfriend/best friend passed away. I ordered a solar eternal candle and a red candle holder with a gold top to put it in for the gravesite. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be. The mail service was fast and the product was flawless.

    I was so delighted I decided to order another solar candle for my mother’s grave. When it arrived, I had ordered a battery-operated model, and not the solar model I meant to order. I called them and explained I made the wrong order. I was expecting them to tell me to send it back and they would send me the correct one. BUT NO! They asked if I would be open to paying the difference between the candles plus the shipping charge and if so, they would send me the solar one and I could keep the battery-operated unit “because it would be an inconvenience to you for you to bundle up the solar one and send it back.” I honestly was fabbergasted! This is TRUE customer-service if I’ve EVER seen it! I am anxiously awaiting the new candle, and would highly reccommend Thompson Monuments to anyone looking for any type of cemetery item, or item to remember your loved ones by.

  85. Aetna Insurance. Thank you. I just went through 3 years of watching my bride of 44 years slide away from us due to cancer. It started out as Cervical Cancer. That meant weekly trips for radiation treatment. That meant blood transfusions. That meant hospitalizations for colon and bladder removal. When it got into her lungs, that meant chemo. that meant numerous trips to the hospital/e-room. that meant tons of perscriptions that had to be filled. Finally, when it got into her brain, that meant Hospice. Aetna took care of all of it. I can’t tell you how much it meant to both of us NOT to have to worry about losing the house and all of our savings to pay for everything. Aetna, thank you…

  86. Employees at Kaufman Tire in Tampa, Fl. Yesterday, while I was driving down the road, the tread came completely off one of my tires. I was extremely upset and called Kaufman Tire, from whom I purchased my tires five years ago (at the time, I didn’t realize it had been so long). They sent a tow truck to pick up my vehicle and myself. They inspected the tires and found they were all dry rotted. I purchased four new tires at a very reasonable price, with free wheel balancing and tire rotation for the life of the tires. The employees worked very hard to get me on my way, as I had a medical appointment I didn’t want to miss. I’m not giving names because they were all terrific. They turned a bad experience into something very positive. They have my business for the duration. Thanks, Kaufman.

  87. I make many on-line purchases from One King’s Lane. This is a top notch company for products–prices–and customer service. I have only had one problem when they shipped a tray I ordered and the wrong tray was in the right box. The tray I wanted was now out of stock and would not be restocked by them. They refunded the purchase price, told me to keep the tray I received in error and on top of that, they sent me a nice note card with a beautiful “we’re sorry” gift. I can’t praise this company enough!

  88. Bought a Canon all in one printer, changed from other brands. Followed the instructions faithfully (I believe) several times when the machine failed to act as advertised. Called Canon support and was taken through recovery steps and determined that it was not repairable. Set up a delivery of a replacement immediately (although a reworked model) but I am happy to have a replacement!

  89. A refund after 7 months with NO re-stocking fee??
    Many companys will not refund your purchase after a certain amount of time and if so, you usually get stuck with a re-stocking fee. (?)
    I own a cleaning business and buy everything in bulk and vacuum cleaning supplies are one of them.
    I bought 6 bags of 12 vacuum cleaner bags at a very reasonable price and when the vacuum died, I thought I’d have to get very creative with the 48 vacuum bags I had left.😉
    E-mailed the store and they sent me a FED-X label and said once the product was received, they would credit my CC.
    (These bags were ordered on Jan. 15th, 2012)
    Just that simple~no telling me it will cost an arm and a leg for them to put the product back into the warehouse!
    Thank you EZvacuum (Manassas VA)

  90. eBags :

    An amazing online resource for any type of bag you may want with an amazingly good customer service department.

    Their philosophy is that if you don’t like your bag 100%, you can return it, no questions asked, and they pay the shipping.

    I didn’t see that policy, stated on their web site when I wrote to suggest they put dimensions of bags on the site – they do have them, I didn’t scroll down far enough.

    Customer service responded and suggested I return the bag – they sent postage paid label to resend.

    Of course, I purchased another, different bag!

    • I had a Huge problem with GE Banks, they r the Amazon card affiliate.It started with 6 months no interest,God knows why I decided to
      I sign up for paperless billing, I gave them my bank numbers, which of course they got wrong,big surprise…not.

      Everything got worse after the first payment finally got taken care off after a couple of calls from me to correct the mistake.

      Next I get a letter from GE credit card saying they have discontinued any service attach to the card, I couldn’t use it Anymore.

      They said because of the dishonest payment history with this account, they have stop me from using the credit card.

      I called immediately, at Amazon they were nice and said I had to deal with GE bank,ok.

      I called the number on my credit card and that was the start of a three hour dealing with customer service(that’s a Joke) as far as GE is concerned.

      To make a very, vey long story short. I finally got to talk to a person, we’ll call her Gwen. From GE BANK. And my problem was immediately resolve.

      The Lady was so responsive and knew about everything I had been through for the last couple of months. I ask Gwen why did it take three hours to get to you?

      When I made the initial call, I requested a supervisor so he or she could get this resolve once and for all.

      I love the Professional way Gwen Handle the problem and got me reinstated, which I really didn’t care about. I was worried about my CREDIT RATING being given a black mark.

      She assured me that has been all taken care of.

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